2015 will be like 2011 and 2012 part 2 but really 2014 lite were there will still be mass problems and mass inferiority but it will be much less in some areas like HEALTH  and that means a higher physical yield in energy. HOWEVER like 2011 we will need t look out for TECH FAULTS like in August 2011 we saw the household on moms place become problematic with the tech fault  that in turn caused the 9/2/11 HOSPITAL VISIT that resulted in the start of the new lifestyle revolution called the SUSTAIN OF HORREY.  And the 2012 aspect of this forecast includes HYPER-IRRELEVANCY and we saw that with the CRAZY MARCH FANBASE WARS and the THANKSGIVING FANBASE WAR. in the end of the day 2015 will be a much more adverse and were we will love each other and help each other and have character.


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