I consider the baby boomer generation the generation who believed in the system and, the generation who believes in the system even though its not apple pie any more and its not polka dot dress era any more, the entitlement is just that entitlement like IM ENTITLED TO A HOME EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT WORK TO GET THAT HOME, or IM ENTITLED TO HAVE FOOD EVENTHOUGH THE FOOD WAS CREATED BY JOHN Q PUBLIC ON FARMS and JOHN Q PUBLIC HAS A JOB BUT THE ENTITLED PERSON? now don’t get me wrong a lot of baby boomers shouldn’t be marginalized and there are a lot of baby boomers, who think like me and a lot of MILLENIALS who have the same knowledge and look like a GQ OR ESQUIRE PERSONA, BUT THE ENTITLEMENT MENTALITY IS THE BIGGEST OBSTICLE OF THIS GENERATION.


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