What rally bothers me is when people who claim to be open minded really aren’t open minded. They really just have an agenda and that agenda is to dominate a lifestyle/conversation.

OPEN MINDED PEOPLE like YOURS TRULEY are open to all possibility’s in a situation or current event or historic event or a phenomenon of the unknown. When I see a current event I think of event within the event and the story behind the story. When I see a situation I see what caused the situation and the problem behind the problem. When I read about a historic event I research the history behind the event and the event behind the event. When I see an unusual phenomenon or look up I see what the meaning behind the phenomenon and get smarter and feel good knowing stuff I didn’t know before and I feel relived doing so.

OPEN MINDED doesn’t mean hypocritical minded it means to be more destined for knowledge and more destined for courage in knowing.


One thought on “MY BIGGEST GRIPE

  1. yep. Good point. But I just wanted to say that sometimes you can be wrong and that’s ok. We’re all wrong sometimes and we learn and grow.


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