There will come a time were just having an individual mentality and not a sheep mentality will be frowned upon, What if I told you that taking money from people who have a business and just having a business you need a permit from the system, What if I told you that some people would agree that just having kids you would need a permit for normal reproductive and human behavior, What if I told you that a lot of people would agree to a Air TAX a scheme that taxes you for the air you and I breathe, What if I told you that having free courage and free will is somewhat weird in a normalcy society, What if I told you that we need a better food system a system that promotes real environmentalism and is pro human and showcases the real environmental problems such as GEO ENGENEERING and GMO and NUCLEAR POWER SAFETY and not CARBON DIOXIDE the substance that plants and trees breathe, What if I told you that there would be a time that just saying that 2+2=4 the public would call you a arithmetic extremist and need to be detained in a educational interment camp for your safety, what if I told you that to travel in the future you would have to sell your soul to evil forces, What if I told you that there are good and bad people in every agency and every civilization throughout human history and the good outweighs the bad every day of the week and every week of the month and every month in every year,  its good people that empowers good and bad people to take action against evil.


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