I can speak for my age because I am my age and I have to say the millennial generation is the biggest hoax to ever be put over the modern western civilization and it not only that its the lost generation a techy generation that knows nothing about how things are in the world all they are, are yes men, that’s because the chemicals and shots and gmos and fast food that kills them later down the road and lets face it when my dad was 23 he was doing contracting and hardcore work and when my grandfather was 23 he started work in the navy as a naval engineer in the UNITED STATES NAVY.


I’m 23 and I’m in a giant mental trap and a giant quagmire backed by metaphysical assets. The university students AND MADISON AVENUE GOERS with there “smart” phones claiming they are smart the phones are “SMART”, But are the millennial generation? I don’t think so because when the calculator and spell checker were INVENTED test scores in the WEST went down.  people got comfortable and here we are and were dead last on any test ranking in education remember this is the generation that is supposed to be smart and intelligent and virtuous and is supposed to be BETTER THAN THE LAST GENERATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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