under spiritual psychpathic entity seige since 2010


the elite want you sick dumb and poor and helpless and not defend yourself if your alone. it also can be illustrated in PERSONHOOD REYMEGA  were the 2010 WELLBEING COUP took over the household and parental complex and set up the wellbeing improvement system, in 2011 it manifested in the REYMEGA FANBASE then REYMON14, and in 2012 it was reversed by 50%  and created the GREATEST YEAR in the decade and most productive in REYMEGA SINCE 2007″HALF A DECADE”  only to have life altering and inferiority complex/ psychopathic entity coup takeover the decade/life and it will take an EXTRA SPIRITUAL COMBAT OPERATION to wage war on the problems and the mentality asset corruption.

think outside

FURTHERMORE I think its imperative to think for yourself and don’t buy into DINOSAUR MEDIA and PROPAGANDA and HAVE A STRONG MIND, and also be productive during the day.


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