Its like the institutions that keep us safe are the ones doing the crimes and doing the chaos and that’s not ok in fact its called EVIL incarnate, ITS OVER THE TOP to think that GMO,s and pollution is at PANDEMIC LEVELS!!!! so how do we circumvent this? By growing gardens with food in it. HOW AWESOME IS THAT????!!!!  I have family that does the exact same thing. in fact growing food is therapeutic and relieves stress. NOW THAT’S COOL!!!!!!  

ITS also over the top to think that you feel alone when you really aren’t alone, and feel sad and happy in a microsecond. Its OVER THE TOP to feel like LIFE PROTOCOL ASSETS are devalued and THERES A STOCKHOLM SYNDROME LEARNED HELPLISNESS COGNATIVE NORMALCY BIAS DISSONANCE takeover operation of THE  METAPHYSICAL ASSETS.

WE NEED to not feel like crap all the time and even when we feel like crap the crap feeling needs to be functional.


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