You must know your surroundings everyday and always be vigilant on a subconscious level to prevent a rumor that could ruin you or kill your name or kill you physically, you must also be well aware and always profile people before you meet them as a tip to assure you protection, and what I found is key is the spiritual popularity intelligence assets [SPIA] is the key to using popularity as a failsafe mechanism switch to override a opinion backed by 0% evidence, and also what is key is using SPIA as a tool to make you learn everyday and to prevent RUMORS, and ALLEGATIONS and PERSECUTION, and also INJUSTICE. SPIA is also key to making the stupidity industry employees not so stupid after all, And smart and productive to every task, and every operation, and every event dimension, physically, and mentally, and spiritually, possible known to mankind.

BECAUSE lets face it the stupidity industry employees that is everyone that thinks that microagression or anything that is different to the employees of the stupidity industry is KOOKY or INSENSITIVE or also JUSP PLAIN WRONG.



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