FIRST: What offends me is that people don’t or wont help a fellow veteran, or they think a baby is gross or being pregnant and getting married and having kids is bad for the earth. We sit here not helping veterans who need care and there are people who walk by the homeless people and some may help but its all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and not about honor and dignity or respect. Its like the RICH vs the POOR VS the MIDDLE CLASS a triple threat match achieving nothing absolutely nothing. AND lets say I want a relationship in the ultra near future and get engaged, THE counterpart would want [me] to SELL OUT TO THE ECONIMIC INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX to live and that is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and not LOVE.

SECONDLY: all lives matter weather its in utero or a 95 year old in rocking chair, what we need is a choose life campaign to honor every second of every moment of life, That makes me feel proud to CHOOSE LIFE and know there’s immoral, amoral individuals out there, and don’t [KNOW WHATS RIGHT AND KNOW WHATS WRONG]

THIRD: its imperative to use the inner mad dog function and even use stress as a productivity operation using the metaphysical assets of stress to achieve an event dimension and a goal to a higher function and a higher state of consciousness.



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