WESTERN SOCIETY,s got issues now and we as a collective can only do stuff on a micro level such as MICRO AGRICUTURE and microbrewery’s and also micro farming, GREAT, What we as a collective don’t do is actions on  MACRO level and as a whole, BAD, and think that anyone that’s normal is abnormal, I COIN THE PHRASE TRANSNORMAL SOCIETY  a society that is half normal by default, that look up to trivial stats, or have no identity in life the, trans norms are also a STUPIDITY INDUSRTY FRONT EXCHANGE, to the SOCIETY.

SECOND: Truth and reality are always more stranger than fiction and could be dangerous to everyone so I also came up with a plan to prevent it from being dangerous its called THE POPUULARITY ALTERNATE REALITY PRODUCTIVITY ASSET,    A protocol that uses the popularity as a cleanser to the mind and uses the reality of the popularity as a way to sooth the wellbeing, And it uses productivity to also achieve a event dimension GOAL.

THIRD. is free thinking really free or is it? free thinking needs shapes and needs an identity to exist so I also came up with another plan and that is THE SPIRITUAL EVENT DIMENSION  ASSET   [SEDA]



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