The epitome of being Mr.Optimist is knowing that we have the potential and will to go to another planet with the technology and ingenuity of humanity and how resilient humanity is and unlike the dinosaurs they didn’t go into space, We did and I do predict we will go to mars and build a colony on mars akin to the international space station and it will be like a Antarctic lab.

Furthermore BEING Mr.Optimist is key in life and I know there are good people in every field of practice and business that doesn’t rob and loot or stalk humanity.

IN SUMMATION: being Mr. Optimist is key to a better life protocol, and every asset assessment program known to man.

IN SUMMATION PART II: However being MR. OPTIMIST doesn’t mean feux optimism it means thinking that there are GOOD TIMES and there are BAD TIMES and there are HARD TIMES.


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