Like the 2007 reymon14 video revolution, 2012 was the last decent year in the decade and everything post 2012 is either THE ERA OF THE HOAX OR THE INFERIORTIY COMPLEX OR PSYCOLOGICAL COMPLEX. [ READ BELOW]

real vs fake era

How can this be? well on the news channels you don’t even know if the current events could be a Hollywood plot and you don’t even know if the event is real or fake and that makes one have NORMALCY BIAS, or feel ILLEGITIMATE OR INSIGNIFICANT and unworthy of life; that’s the HOAX ANGLE IN THE LIFE


then comes the INFERIORITY COMPLEX angle were YOU COULD have a year that creates a inferiority complex coup over the personhood assets and take over all things related to life, [IT EVEN HAPPENED IN PERSONHOOD REYMEGA] were you had a inferiority complex plan and action in OCTOBER 2013 TO JANURARY 2014 and then in LATE JANURARY 2014 the MENTALITY BUBBLE ruptured and the fanbase attacks in February happened this was known as the FEBRUARY FANBASE ATTACKS, a month later the health intelligence assets were effected, THIS WAS THE THREE9 HOSPITAL VISIT AKA THE TTNUS CHARCTER SHOT ATTACK in which the psych bubble got inflated over 50 times, REMEMBER THE WHOLE TIME THIS HAPPENED, THE BIGGEST TECH FAULT IN REYMEGA HISTORY started, and created even more inferiority in the personhood. not to mention the HOUSEHOLD OF DAD,S PLACE COLLAPSED A MONTH LATER ON 7/16 AFTER THE TECH FAULT WAS LIFTED ON 6/14. Which made the chance of a 2nd health crisis definite THAT WAS THE EIGHT9 HOSPITAL VISIT.


NOW IS THE PSYCOLOGICAL COMPLEX BUBBLE WERE now that the INFERIORITY COMPLEX took over the life code assets and all things related to life. There is a new way that the inferiority complex can function and that is the MENTAL, PSYCOLOGICAL INTELLIGENCE COUP takeover of the INFEORITY COMPLEX were you could have SEXTUPLE the health dysfunction and have THE health intelligence asset anomalies 20 times bigger at the most than the previous year, not to mention QUINTUPPLE the amount of SPIRITUAL TERROR over PERSONHOOD REYMEGA, and QUADRUPLE the laziness and irresponsibility in the household of MOM,S PLACE REYMEGA,  Were we also see the PARENTAL RELATIONS AT 7 1/2 YEAR LOWS in the household, And why is this? this is a household in DECLINE and eventual demise it could be tomorrow or a week, even a month, also a year from now and even longer.



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