During the times of my great-great grandfather “my grandfather’s grandfather ” If you mouthed off to a fellow American western citizen you were taken in a back alley and there was a duel scenario, and the reason there were duels is it put respect in people and you respected your fellow countrymen, its like YOU TREAT SOMEONE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.

NOW A CENTURY AND THREE QUARTERS LATER, You have entitled spoiled brats and the mad-dog industrial complex, and you also have college KIDS not COLLEGE YOUNG ADULTS, BUT KIDS that think that defending yourself from an intruder that broke in your house is bad, and encourage selfishness and walk by a homeless man or woman that is on the sidewalk not knowing that could be them tomorrow with all the corruption and mad-dog society, and also think that the idea of a country and a cultural identity is backwards and having no gender and having no religion or something you live by is good basically not believing in a higher being other than humanity.

And what’s coming back is the times of my great-great grandfather a time that there was everyone for themselves a time that was about honor and a rebirth and a time of great challenge and a time that was the best time in US HISTORY AND WORLD HISTORY. A time that was about simplicity and strength.


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