You have the right to wear a REBEL FLAG SHIRT OR have a rebel flag hanging outside your house, its just that the mindless zombified masses see that as a symbol of racism and hatred not a symbol of the southern heritage or culture and the identity of the south, NO  they just see southerners and think there backwards rednecks or uneducated, REMEMBER former US president JIMMY CARTER is from the south and many people that TRANSFORMED US HISTORY ARE FROM THE SOUTH.

You could also wear a GADSEN FLAG SHIRT, the ZOMBIFIED MASSES will still see the symbol as racist or backwards or bigoted.

You could say THE TV IS making them that way they would say otherwise.

You could say the sky is GREEN AND PURPLE and they would believe it.

You could say the raindrops are MARSHMELLOWS and the ZOMBIFIED MASSES MIGHT BUY IT.

You could say the news is a show to the masses and the masses would say its mostly real.

SO THE WALKING DEAD IS ON A SUBCOUNSIOUS SPIRITUAL BASES and METAPHYSICAL BASES were the MASSES ARE into lower life living and even lower health living and don’t think there’s a higher being or higher intelligent being other than man.


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