Now you know yours truly loves the program and the substance in the program but THINK OF THIS.

THE WORLD POPULATION 2015 IS 7.3 BILLION and is projected to reach 11.2 BILLION by the year 2100 the world population is in a massive bubble and when you have too many people that are sick and too many people that are uneducated and in poverty what could go wrong? Here’s the THING

The resources aren’t what the were a hundred years ago and what would be the norm is a GLOBAL AFRICA a scenario in which there are starving unhealthy and uneducated and third world poverty conditions, and the future of the world population will resemble mass rebel camps, and community’s, and mass water wars, and all kinds of resource fights including the fight against the biggest threat, and the biggest threat to all of all of humanity is the reproductive and health crisis and the idea of living in tight compact city’s and in dense areas,

And not to mention all of this HIGH TECH GADGETS aren’t making HUMANITY HIGH TECH in fact HUMANITY is getting dumber and not smarter with all of this smart devices and IQITY is physically dropping as a result, and as a result the ZOMBIFICATION OF HUMANITY is incremental and is now getting more blatant with the SMART DEVICES BECOMMING MORE COMMON.


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