the state of america today and the lunacy of leftism



the far left are nothing but intolerant cult members who call think that theres nothing wrong with supporting the arrest and  destruction of  innocent lives of patriots and don,t like americanism and view americanism as nationalism and we should not be a world power and we are racist for criticizing the divide and conquer industrial complex, and call people who oppose illegal immigration racist and prejudice, They also call for the destruction of any freedom and liberty in the united states and worldwide, the camp followers are 1000s of times worse than the people they follow, theres a word for what they are and its called authoritarianism, communism, progressivism, liberalism, fascism, socialism, totalitarianism, collectivism.

Its the left that use well meaning agendas such as environmentalism, and ITS FOR THE CHILDREN, and FREE HEALTHCARE, and legitimate social issues, and TAKE THE RIGHTS AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT THE CAUSE.

ITS  the far left that call our men and women oversees that risk there lives to overcome terrorism MURDERERS and RAPISTS AND, they might of killed a few people who were not terrorists, but they are the people who are are ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, AIR FORCE, SON , BROTHER , DAUGHTER, COUSIN, DAD, MOM, SISTER, AUNT, UNCLE, GRANDFATHER, NIECE, NEPHEW.

ITS the FAR LEFT, that call any skepticism of TPTB as  intolerant and call you a idiot for wanting a free country and make fun of countrymen and label them REDNECKS, BITTER CLINGERS, BACKWARDS, IM BREADS.

ITS the far left that think there shouldn’t be any alternative to education.

ITS THE FAR LEFT CAMP FOLLOWERS THAT CRITICIZED THE REPUBLICAN HEAD PUPPET THAT CAME BEFORE THIS CURRENT HEAD PUPPET and Little did they realize the current HEAD puppet banker is 100s of times worse than the previous HEAD PUPPET.


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