I LOOK UP TO the holidays and there the most prestigious events of the year and never since 2001 since the FALL OF CHILDHOOD ERA on 9/11/01 have i felt this stunned at the outcomes of terror and the response to terror, so heres what happened this year and in the STATES OF REYMEGA, so mom was watching and hearing the news,  and she told me that TPTB were going SS on the whole travel and the whole way of life during the holidays and i am not alone on this one possibly millions of people feel this way and i feel screwed 1000 ways from sunday.

tptb did the impossible they have killed the holiday morale and not even SANTA  or his elves or even the gobbly gooker can fix this one,

TPTB also did what no grinch even could do and that is say theres a boogyman in every country across the globe and violla the HOLIDAYS are associated with terror and tragedies.10 bumper


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