One day in july 2009 during the michael jackson death reaction i went on youtube and saw a thing that transformed my life forever, And that was the fact that a cabal could disappear people and use divide and conquer systems by calling you a racist or a homophobe or a conspiration freak who are pathologized as the I WANT TO BELIEVE crowd. I woke up to realize that yea there are demonic forces and evil within every institution in the governments around the world, and there are pockets of good in the institutions around the world, and that includes every country around the world and every continent. Its just so GALACTIC IN EVERY POSSIBLE WAY, that it feels like the lord of the rings and am i frodo, or it feels like the THEY LIVE ALLEGORY were you need to develop a way to see the way of the  society or even your own family that could be infected with the same thing that they tell you to to be against and thats called HYPOCRISY, Its imperative to not be a society of monotone individuals but a society of natural born thinkers, and a society of natural born doers and a society of natural born icons, its called you realizing the world your living in is a cartoon world and a world of make believe were every outcome is fixed and every outcome is rigged to the un-natural way of progression. HERES ONE example of the cartoon world were you could have a Tv news show that could use actors that play rolls be it a heartwarming story or a tragedy or any such event, and to the general public that could be real and they are reading off a script and acting on que, and if you say thats a Tv show your family members, your friends your brother your mom or dad will chsatise you and think theres a mental deficiency in you,  and you feel like your in a real life idiocracy movie were theres no logic or common sense.


It feels like your in a virtual reality operation were heres one example were you could have a day and you see all around you that the town or city or country feel like a cartoon world and a game, Were you could have a event happen or another event happen and your day is altered but you could feel like your in a metaphysical intelligence asset operation and subconsciously you feel like the next day could have the same or near same outcome of the previous day.


You go to the mall and you see all around you that everyone is look at there smart phones and you realize that you are in a virtual reality  operation or your in a operation that makes THEY LIVE look tame and they don’t realize that there in the operation too and they too are in the game themselves.real vs fake era


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