Whats wrong with america “THE WORLD” today is there are people who believe in the lies of DINOSAUR MEDIA and believe in the lies and hoaxes, and dont realize or even give a crap about there fellow countrymen and would turn in their own countryman and take away their own countrymen,s freedom and support TPTB.


There are hordes of family members and people, and friends that would turn in there own family member simply because they have a firearm, or simply because they like the ideas of the constitution, or simply because they dont want to be a slave to TPTB.

tirade mode

There are people that MARK TWAIN talked about and thats called a patriot is a scarce man often scorned and ridiculed but when his cause succeeds the timid join him I THINK WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIDICULE/TIMID JOIN HIM PERIOD.



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