When the walking dead happens it wont be the dead to fear but the hordes of starving people and the uneducated masses especially the safe space college people, or the intelligent idiots that were taught be socially inhibited and think only by a set of rules and a cartoon world scenario such as being taught to be actors there whole life, and are TAUGHT HOW TO ACT, not taught how to live, BUT TO ACT. And  ACTING is a cartoon world intelligence operation were you could have a person that could have multi personality syndrome, and not connect with there soul and there inner self, WHAT i do to prevent that is i look in the mirror and see the persona and it alters the day. This is the fall of the cartoon world that is called THE IDIOCRACY STATES OF THE AMERICA were you could have a horror movie scenario were you are in the matrix and you could be in a multi, multi, multi dimensional event on a mass scale.TOO


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