rant machine

WEATHER ITS A FALSE NONEVENT OPERATION, that the Sleeple buy into and that is 75% of my family, The SLEEPLE ARE THE ONES who sold the FREEDOM OF AMERICA OUT and the BILL OF RIGHTS of this once great republic, And turned it into a very totalitarianism state and made it a divided state were there is no unity in America in fact its called THE DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA the ANTITHESIS OF UNITYTHE ANTITHESIS OF FREEDOM, AND THE ANTITHESIS OF A PROSPEROUS COUNTRY.


There are a Majority- MINORITY that would call people who investigate the lies of DINOSAUR MEDIA as CONSPIRATION ARTISTS or people who would turn in or VIOLATE THE LAWS OF THE BIBLE and that is “covet thy neighbors ” AND THERE are even people that would call Prepping for a disaster or a collapse of civilization as PARANOID NUTJOB LUNATICS, were its really lunacy to not prepare for natural disasters, or a societal collapse, or a currency crisis.


Everything on the TV is Everything on TV is Everything on TV

And that is TV and thats called TV and it is just another DRUG in Society and that we all need to withdraw from or watch much less of and get back to a more natural state, and i for one see what THE DRUG of TV/LIES does to the appearance to ones physical self, and that it alters ones image to a lower state and a lower state is a UNHEALTHY SPIRITUAL METAPHYSICAL SUBCONSCIOUS UNCONSCIOUS STATE.


TO think like REYMEGA not do what REYMEGA one must take the red pill and see how far the trail goes to QUOTE MORPHEUS FROM THE MATRIX.



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