we were in the coffee shop today and 3 people were not understanding why people have guns in the united states and i was like ITS CALLED THE SECOND AMENDMENT and you have the right to defend yourselves, THE FAR LEFT JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE DISARMED SLAVES TO TPTB and call everyone that opposes them as NAZIS, The far left want to culture cleanse America and call the traditional values of america backwards and not progressive, the second amendment and the hundreds of millions of gun owners have guns to use the god giving right of human defense, ITS imperative respect those gun owners who are the most law abiding and polite americans that could me your next door neighbor and yourself.

tirade mode

ALSO EVERY DICTATOR BE IT COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, FASCIST, PROGRESSIVE, all of those dictators took the guns from there people and were only the state could own guns and only the military and police could own guns, EVERY totalitarianism state throughout history be it rome or soviet union took the swords and guns from the citizenry.

rant machine


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