FAMILY has become nothing but a reality show  were there are things that you dont talk about and if you say that TPTB stage or fabricate or create events within the country or Worldwide, THEN THATS GOING OFF SCRIPT AND you will pathologized as being a CONSPIRATION ARTIST.


Family has become nothing more than a reality show as a result and you get the epitome of the cartoon world and were its all an act and every time theres a get together, The members put on an act, and maybe they dont want to be at this get together and they have to act, and put on a act to pretend they want to be at the get together and here you get the CARTOON WORLD a scenario in which were taught and know how to act not how to live life,  But to act and have multiple personality states were you could have a Jekyll hyde operation and not a wholesome state of consciousness and embrace the inner natural born thinker, and the inner natural born doer and the transcendence of your inner psych state.


The CARTOON WORLD ALSO SHOWCASES HOW were all taught to be actors and every member of a family were taught in a irrelevant education industry how to act and have manners not to live but to act, acting is a thing you do not and its not living its acting, going back to the the topic of this expose,


rant machine

LIKE you could have a party and there are things that you can and cant say or dont say at the party, like if you say that TPTB are funding terror groups to take your rights, Well then thats going off script of the NON TELEVISED PARTY and its not allowed in the script of this CARTOON MATRIX WORLD were you look all around you and all you see are actors that could be your own flesh and blood and again were taught how to act not to live and the world around us is getting more HOAX OR INFERIOR, and were all actors not human beings that are human beings that are living.



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