10 bumper

IF the year 2008 was life altering with the rumors and household inferiority and collapse and fanbase inferiority wasn’t big enough, Or the year of 2014 were we saw an inferiority complex takeover of reymega then Katy, bar the door!


2016 is the year of the independent living and productivity complex of REYMEGA.

COLOR MODEAlso the year were the United States of America could possibly get a regan-esque president *cough trump cough* and a possible way to turn around the corruption, And we will see the inauguration and the whole thing of the president getting sworn in and all.

TRUTH ALARMTHOUGH we do need to deal and combat hate and intolerance and hypocrisy from the FAR LEFT, and to some and little extent to the ignorant masses That calls for torture of the opposition, and jailing and civil rights violations,s the thing the social democratic left fight against, We must realize that this is america, and the great experiment of the human race, were we can tolerate and use discretion on any topic know to mankind, And we also need to realize that not everyone likes the same color or music artist, or movie genre, and so on and so fourth.TOO




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