Were divided on  pro liberty and pro gun and second amendment and the us constitution, Were we dont stand up to injustice or corruption or personal freedom of the individual, We just submit to Orwellian programming and the matrix of evil, And that includes men women and children of this country, EVEN women have civil rights abuses done to there social standing like TPTB dont want WOMEN EMPOWERMENT they want them to get a job instead of caring for there kids, And When you have a job TPTB could tax that income and so theres more income that the state collects;

tirade mode

With men its disempowerment and engineered laziness and social engineering through the media entertainment industrial complex were you could have tv shows that show men emasculated and on the recliner drinking beer “nothing wrong with loving alcohol” but the men in the society see this as a role model complex and they follow that example and there it becomes part of the cartoon world that the TRUTH SEEKERS are hammering;


Then ITS THE KIDS/children, WERE there told that the US CONSTITUTION is bad and the SECOND AMENDMENT IS BAD and there parents are bad, and whats good is bad and whats bad is good.   rant machine


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