Waking up to TPTB corruption or the system means nothing now that the individual already realizes that he or she and there parents or grandparents were apart of the system for so long, and this brings before us THE MODERN FAMILY EFFECT, A PARADIGM THAT IS IN SYMBIOSIS with virtual reality and is in harmony with the cartoon world of the average life of the masses in the world, and some are intelligent but most are very not intelligent and are in a ZOMBIE state metaphysically, and dont realize that the system is corrupt, and they are living in a toxic trash state and think its the 1960s and the country is  aye ok when the the average public citizen is smartphone addicted ‘note i even have one but i would prefer a smartphone for emergencies’  but the masses waking up i see a very horrible situation because we have people that dont trust each other and hate each other and just call them names and not have intellectual discussions on all things related to mankind.



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