Statism is the worst religion of man and it killed more people than disease and natural disasters combined, THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT HATE YOU AND HATE YOURS TRULY for showcasing unadulterated truth like the orwell and mark twain quotes on patriotism and civil disobedience when it comes to freedom, it makes one think about their future and there life, remember what mark twain sad “A PATRIOT IS A SCARCE MAN HATED FEARED AND SCORNED AND RIDICULED BUT IN TIM HIS CAUSE SUCCEEDS AND IT MEAND NOTHING TO BE A PATRIOT” 

tirade mode

Normalcy is also more cancerous and malignant than statism because you could be at parties and family get togethers and you could tell some truth and the group could be over 70 to 80 percent propagandized by the dinosaur mainstream media and think russia is evil and america is good stuff like, That is why there is such a divide in this country and there is one guy and his name is trump and if the trump doesn’t happen, WELL LOOK at brazil they had a overthrow and impeachment of there leader and a more popular leader that wants to fix there country that i’m afraid is the EVEN BIGGER TRUMP A TRUMP THAT IS A REVOLUTIONARY AND HISTORIC.  


We also need to cleanse this planet from sin of man and the sin of thinking called government and focus more on individualism.



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