I have to make this year be a gateway year like 2003 because the phisical health morale in mom,s place is at record lows and the biggest disaster known as 2016, I need to make this year count like no year before it, I have to be a natural born do,er, I must make a stand against the psychopathic entitys that influence ones life that creates dispair and wrack and ruin to ones soul and action, and this is the judgement of ones domain and ones life, do i do nothing or do i do something that makes the world a better place for ones self or self ones, Let it be known that One Reymega is going to places in life and life in places in this mad dog society known as the civilization, I can also know that the evolution is not evolution, were we are technologicaly iconic but we behave like children and stupidity industry minions, God bless and may 2017 be that year of fighting to not fight and be of one love, Thank you.


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