First things first we must find out the meanings of the REYMEGA ASSET ASSESMENT PROGRAM Assets former and current in the Life in the states of Reymega and Reymega fanbase reypublic.

  1. The reymon14/Reymon20Fedration/REYMEGA wellbeing improvement program initally set up in November 2010 preventing threats against reymega WELLBEING IMPROVEMENT.
  2. GUESTCOM REYMEGA, established March 2012 against all things related to the household of reymega, AND ALL THINGS RELATED TO A TRANSFER TO ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD.
  3. Reymega HOUSEHOLD INTELLIGENCE, created and set up in November 2013 after the OCTOBER 2013 PARENTAL MELTDOWN.
  4. HEALTH IMPROVEMENT AND COMBATIVE ACTION, February 2nd 2014 to present, An ongoing battle of rogue metaphysical and mentality and health assets in REYMEGA LIFE PROTOCOL. CURRENT

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