This is the most inhibited the states of reymega  were inhibition-ism is rampant and A conflict on inhibition-ism is waged.


The backstory of the Reymega QUARTERLIFE CONFLICT, goes back to August 2015, when the quarterlife crisis proliferated and became a probable and most definite a matter of Health Improvement & COMBATIVE ACTION in reymega, And part of the Health Improvement & COMBATIVE ACTION conflict that started in February 2014 to ongoing when the Reymega Fanbase Reypublic was attacked and the household and the wellbeing improvement were 110 fans were removed by trolls that hacked and infiltrated the group.

What,s going on now is the End of The Myroom Crisis that is part of the Quarterlife Crisis CONFLICT that started in August 2015, The myroom crisis started in September of 2015.

What this means is that the Quarterlife Crisis Conflict in Reymega is the most tense since August 2015 When it started.




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