The one thing that scares the hell out of me is intimacy and relationships, Thinking about all of this is just absolutely freighting and like impending doom like Real IMPENDING DOOM, And i want to get a life and a job because let’s face it, I am 25 years old i have no job yet and college? I see those student loan news stories, i see everything wrong with today’s youth if 25 years old is being a youth today then why is the right to vote 18+ and 25 years old a youth? You all do know i was sabotaged in a way that is not what you think, For example during the high school era while other students were in relationships, I was in multiple parental stalemates and i took those events as a reason to be dis-empowered and not self confidence, Because why have self confidence when the parental gives you confidence and you don,t need self confidence, So these are really Hardcore ROCK SOLID PURE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE ideologues , And here i am 7-9 years later a 25 year old guy and realizing that am i MR. CONTROL or does MR control me, Will i MAKE REYMEGA GREAT AGAIN? or will i fail this current second, And See these are just one of those things that make one go HMMM.TRUTH ALARM


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