I believe in god.
I believe in a limited government aka Ron Paul
I believe in respect.
I just want to be free from tyranny known as fascism.
I dont believe we need a government to regulate every fasit of our lives.
I trust and look at the the US constitution as gospel.
I am a doer.
When theres an ENDIT thought i END that thought.
When life is harsh realm i harsh that realm
I must and will achieve what needs to be done in this year, or else it will achieve me.
When theres threats to THE STATES OF REYMEGA big threats such as meta-psychological and emotional, action is take n in a passive combative way that benefits me of course.
I don,t believe in political correctness, and i certainly don,t believe in censorship because i or someone is offended.
I want a free market economy not a crony economy.
I believe in homeschooling, private and anything to make our youth intelligent.
I trust President Donald Tump’s word on wold and domestic policies over everyone else.
i trust the notion that there’s a soul.


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