[Disclaimer these are ideals that pertain to reymega, but have no relations with the STATES OF REYMEGA]

Life in the states of reymega is like an odd Thomas film vs Donnie darko operation.
I mean we live in a time were people jump off buildings, tall buildings on concrete on Facebook live and you and i may or may not care because its just another news story, while the public is on there selfies, me sees, or eye sees, and on our smartphones playing Candy games and listening to auto-tune music or watch cannibalistic programming on TV.

And in the states of reymega its like the movie odd Thomas, its almost like the universal creator is using my surroundings as a subconscious intelligence operation, and the universal creator has everyone,s makeup of what they do and what they do in every measurement of life protocol.

That being said i think the universal creator isn’t sure of what i’m doing and is using the routine algorithm as another subconscious intelligence operation against the individual that being yours truly.

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