Everything I mean. everything after the GRADU8 EVENTS AND 2014 REYMEGA FIASCO, aka the inferiority complex takeover year, is and was relevant to what is going on now in reymega life protocol.

Like for instance 2013 the year that the Gradu8 events happened, afterwards in the same year there was still some remnants of life in reymega, in till January 1st 2014 and the way of thinking was altered in a way that was of a more of a inferior order were family gatherings and any gatherings of any kind were lacking in every way imaginable, hence why. 2014 is called the inferiority complex takeover year, were the trend was set for having lesser than before.
That instance above is just 1 out of 1000s of instances of event dimension logistics in the STATES OF REYMEGA.



There’s unsurmountable evidence that narcissism influenced.the reymega life protocol, and total spiritual demonic forces took over life and I feel as if my physical health incidents are acts of demonic war and psycho-spiritual war, And I feel as though the coup took over 4+ years ago.
Now 4+ years later the ROCK BOTTOM INDEX is everywhere in the household. including parental were I want a job and a life but there are people who could be adults, kids or parents that don’t showcase there natural born icon, these are times that waste life and life that wastes time.

i look at the evils in the world and turn them into positives

starting to be more active in productivity intelligence now than ever before, takes guts and going out in the field, and rediscover the mega-sphere of oneself.


I have good news, I’m building a new family of relationships and it’s good to be active in reymega now and I choose to be active.

Food for Thought 2

The more you realize the more you know, and the more you don’t know’ the more the don’t knows you.
The more TPTB control the less power those entity’s have on the general populace, and the more chaos ensures in the world and life, we need to have a world of natural born icons, Icons that are naturally born that could be gurus and idiosyncratic personality’s. TOO



IN this mad world and questionable excuse of a civilization, Its debatable that normalcy is in style and is just, in an unjust world, It could also be said about the country one can live in, It makes one go hmm, this is just another one of those things that is of rock solid fatalist realism of mass proportions.


Usa remote view state


Like Pro wrestling politics now is entertainment without the ring, Well that,s what it sort of turned into, and Business is now politics and like work its now a new model for the country were professionalism is defined by jobs and merit and Making the host country great again is expected by the public and voters.

We as a nation must embrace the greatness and admiration for the people that come before us.

I feel so proud of America now


Now that we have MIGA MAGA MAN in power it feels nice and maga, There are days in years and years in days.

No one should fear the right see things in a different way then what you see on the news, Thats called individualism par exelante.