Food for Thought 2

The more you realize the more you know, and the more you don’t know’ the more the don’t knows you.
The more TPTB control the less power those entity’s have on the general populace, and the more chaos ensures in the world and life, we need to have a world of natural born icons, Icons that are naturally born that could be gurus and idiosyncratic personality’s. TOO

Confessions of a truth seeker

I believe in god.
I believe in a limited government aka Ron Paul
I believe in respect.
I just want to be free from tyranny known as fascism.
I dont believe we need a government to regulate every fasit of our lives.
I trust and look at the the US constitution as gospel.
I am a doer.
When theres an ENDIT thought i END that thought.
When life is harsh realm i harsh that realm
I must and will achieve what needs to be done in this year, or else it will achieve me.
When theres threats to THE STATES OF REYMEGA big threats such as meta-psychological and emotional, action is take n in a passive combative way that benefits me of course.
I don,t believe in political correctness, and i certainly don,t believe in censorship because i or someone is offended.
I want a free market economy not a crony economy.
I believe in homeschooling, private and anything to make our youth intelligent.
I trust President Donald Tump’s word on wold and domestic policies over everyone else.
i trust the notion that there’s a soul.

Usa remote view state


Like Pro wrestling politics now is entertainment without the ring, Well that,s what it sort of turned into, and Business is now politics and like work its now a new model for the country were professionalism is defined by jobs and merit and Making the host country great again is expected by the public and voters.

We as a nation must embrace the greatness and admiration for the people that come before us.

I feel so proud of America now


Now that we have MIGA MAGA MAN in power it feels nice and maga, There are days in years and years in days.

No one should fear the right see things in a different way then what you see on the news, Thats called individualism par exelante.



Now that Donald Trump is the presidentual champion in a year that is more productive in the first 21 days in ONE REYMEGA LIFE than all of last year combined three times over, It makes one think of his country and love his country and love life, And i write this and i just think to myself, The year 2017 must be a GIFT FROM GOD, because i had a forcast from december 2015 about the next biggest year and it came up 2017 and this year is 100 times more influential than 2007, and several dozens more than 2013, and dozens more than 2015.


While i write this i feel Euphoric and feel like i did durring the Gradu8 events and this is so surreal and great this must be a gift from god or something.

Its MAGA WEEK so? …..

Its MAGA WEEK so? …..

I and the whole country are commemorating Trump as PRESIDENT so i feel like this is a new chapter for all of us and a vivid new way of thinking, So i always have a mindset of HOPEING AND PRAYING and i repeat that to myself to have function and courage in life.


Its like the ghandi and mlk and mark twain quotes they are really event dimensional in truth.




From red bar radio to my friend brian Thomson they have the god given right to free speech and no one can take that away from them, ITS REALLY THE REGRESSIVE LEFTISTS THAT ARE ANTI FREE SPEECH, and anti freedom much more then the conservatives, Also they dont like people that have a different worldview then them and they think trumps a racist WITH NO PROOF and trumps a bigot again with no proof they use these marginalist terms to kill any debate and any logic so they use the race card or the sex card, THE REGRESSIVE LEFT ALSO WANT TO KILL NATIONAL CULTURE by using the negative historical events to be the great outlier and the man part of the nations history not the positive parts of the nations history No the negative parts only.

SO I came up with a term called LEFTIST MARGINALISM a term that describes THE MARGINALIST  a person that marginalizes puts uses gas lighting tactics to make the opponent look insane.



tirade mode



Statism is the worst religion of man and it killed more people than disease and natural disasters combined, THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT HATE YOU AND HATE YOURS TRULY for showcasing unadulterated truth like the orwell and mark twain quotes on patriotism and civil disobedience when it comes to freedom, it makes one think about their future and there life, remember what mark twain sad “A PATRIOT IS A SCARCE MAN HATED FEARED AND SCORNED AND RIDICULED BUT IN TIM HIS CAUSE SUCCEEDS AND IT MEAND NOTHING TO BE A PATRIOT” 

tirade mode

Normalcy is also more cancerous and malignant than statism because you could be at parties and family get togethers and you could tell some truth and the group could be over 70 to 80 percent propagandized by the dinosaur mainstream media and think russia is evil and america is good stuff like, That is why there is such a divide in this country and there is one guy and his name is trump and if the trump doesn’t happen, WELL LOOK at brazil they had a overthrow and impeachment of there leader and a more popular leader that wants to fix there country that i’m afraid is the EVEN BIGGER TRUMP A TRUMP THAT IS A REVOLUTIONARY AND HISTORIC.  


We also need to cleanse this planet from sin of man and the sin of thinking called government and focus more on individualism.


nationalism isn’t fascism [READ]


Nationalism isn’t perfect its better than what western systems already have in fact its were the nation state exists and is 100 percent sovereign, and not controlled by a secret elite group that could buy the nation state leaders and create a centralized government and buy off the military and use the military to fight enemies that the elite group dont like, In fact nationalism is what is the antithesis of globalism what TPTB are using TODAY.