When you reconnect with a Fan-base you enhance your DNA and your self esteem.
This week could be the most genuine feeling and it is when it comes to things pertaining to Oneself, How is this, well its called going out in the psychological battlefield and physical health battlefield, Were all in this together and everyone is a victim of Spiritual warfare, and emotional warfare, and psychological warfare, including REYMEGA, and the STATES OF REYMEGA.

To quote JBL on commentary during a match with the UNDERTAKER, you improve with age, He THE UNDERTAKER IMPROVED WITH AGE.

I right this second am making records when it comes to things pertaining to One-REYMEGA, and all things reymega.

Everything one does is genuine.

Timeline of Reymega protocol

First things first we must find out the meanings of the REYMEGA ASSET ASSESMENT PROGRAM Assets former and current in the Life in the states of Reymega and Reymega fanbase reypublic.

  1. The reymon14/Reymon20Fedration/REYMEGA wellbeing improvement program initally set up in November 2010 preventing threats against reymega WELLBEING IMPROVEMENT.
  2. GUESTCOM REYMEGA, established March 2012 against all things related to the household of reymega, AND ALL THINGS RELATED TO A TRANSFER TO ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD.
  3. Reymega HOUSEHOLD INTELLIGENCE, created and set up in November 2013 after the OCTOBER 2013 PARENTAL MELTDOWN.
  4. HEALTH IMPROVEMENT AND COMBATIVE ACTION, February 2nd 2014 to present, An ongoing battle of rogue metaphysical and mentality and health assets in REYMEGA LIFE PROTOCOL. CURRENT
Im persuing new ways to have more drive


such as creating new ways to fight demotivation and fighting the reymega quarterlife crisis and these are times that try the man, and this is the man that trys the time of courage and time of fighting in the health improvement and combative action that started 3 years ago this month this is a new beggining were we have more opertunitys in life of one reymega.FULL FLEGED

i am persuing a new way forward

I am aiding and creating a new interest in the fight of the reymega quarterlife crisis conflict that started on august 25th 2015 and for the the first time since then the conflict escalated with superhyper stagnation of the productivity assets and the creativity assets.

Starting this week i may try out reymegaisms.




Now that Donald Trump is the presidentual champion in a year that is more productive in the first 21 days in ONE REYMEGA LIFE than all of last year combined three times over, It makes one think of his country and love his country and love life, And i write this and i just think to myself, The year 2017 must be a GIFT FROM GOD, because i had a forcast from december 2015 about the next biggest year and it came up 2017 and this year is 100 times more influential than 2007, and several dozens more than 2013, and dozens more than 2015.


While i write this i feel Euphoric and feel like i did durring the Gradu8 events and this is so surreal and great this must be a gift from god or something.